TrailNote™ is your digital "Safety System"

TrailNote™ is a FREE online alert program for individuals or groups that helps to keep you safe when you travel... anywhere! Remember the golden rule and always leave a trail note!

Simply inform TrailNote™ when, where, and how long you will be traveling and if you do not return in time we will electronically inform your contacts of your absence. GPS, cell phones, and wireless devices can not always get through but TrailNote™ can be relied upon. Learn more about TrailNote™!

Never worry or have someone worry about your safety. With a group or by yourself you can roam freely knowing that, in case anything goes wrong, people will be alerted, and know where & how to find you. A online alternative to expensive emergency electronic locator devices (ELT's and PBT's).

Simple, reliable, secure, and free! Protect your adventure today!

Check A TrailNote™
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TrailNote™ On-The-Go
Use TrailNote™ while on the go! With a web enabled cellphone or PDA you can login to your account and manage your alerts easily.

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I use your website every time I hike and the fact it's free and easy is a definite bonus!"
  -Dave, CA

"Just found your site. Awesome! I can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner.
  -Janice, ND

"Directing search and rescue where to look rather than just a broad area increases the likely hood of rescue dramatically! It can mean the difference between surving or becoming a deadly statistic.
  -Chris W., OR

"This is such a great idea! I am in my 60's and don't have any family nearby. No cell phone and I always go running and hiking with my dogs. My daughter told me about TrailNote™ and now there is one less thing to worry about!"
  -Bev, VT

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